Inauguration of Nalanda Multimedia Museum in 2008

When the modern technology mingles with the grandeur of the past, history comes alive in a new perspective. A Multimedia museum next to the splendid ruins of the Nalanda University is a shining example of that.

The Museum takes visitors through a ‘virtual journey’ of the times gone by. Visitors get to see and experience Nalanda University at its prime and glory three thousand years ago, travel through its various eras of existence and its sad demise. It is a touching experience which stirs up various emotions in viewers as they are taken through eras of Budha, Sariputta and destruction during times of Muslim Invasions.

The Museum provides the following perspectives of Nalanda University through multimedia films and 3D Animation movie :
  • 3D Animation Movie: The animation movie narrates the story of the university since its inception to its prime days during the period of Buddha to the time it was vanquished by Bakhtiyar Khilji in the medieval period.
  • Geographical : In this perspective, a visitor learns about the geographical importance of Nalanda and its links with other important places nearby like Biharisharif, Pawapuri, and Rukministan.
  • Historical : This section depicts the archaeological and historical perspective of Nalanda. It shows the layout of the ruins, the significance of different parts of the ruins and details of what structures originally existed such as Pillars, Ovens, Student quarters etc.
  • Revival : This section describes the recent efforts to revive Nalanda with help from Buddhist countries in Asia and its importance to Bihar, India and rest of Asia.


Nalanda is about 90 Kms from Patna, the capital of Bihar. By road, it takes about two and a half to three hours. Our museum is located about 100 meters from the ruins site on the way to Huen Tsang Memorial. For the best experience, we recommend that you visit the museum, understand the history of Nalanda university and then visit the ruins. This will make your visit to the ruins very meaningful as you will be able to relate and appreciate every structure you will see there.