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Since its inception in the year 2007, Prachin Bharat Tourism Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was set up as a social entrepreneurship venture to showcase the history and historical sites of India using modern technology. It was started by two IT professionals in 2007 inspired by examples of Israel and how it has showcased its History. Prachin Bharat is driven by a highly personal and creative approach and brings a distinctly unique touch to every single show.

“The blend of modern technology with the sumptuousness of past, gives birth to a new perspective of observing history. We take the audience on a virtual trip of historical events beautifully blended as a story and make them experience it”. – Naveen Sharma (Founder).

Our people are our strongest assets. We have a great team that has the best creative minds to do our scripting and storyboarding, the best from the technology segment, and a founder who is passionate about history. If we can showcase history in a way which can hold the interest of people from all ages and background and make them feel proud about their heritage, then we have done our bit for the nation. We believe that the constant pursuit of perfection and attention to detail is what makes us unique. Our success is built on respecting, understanding, and complementing the history of a place or event. We believe that nobody showcases History better than us.

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