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Life of Guru Gobind Singh

Life of Guru Gobind Singh (Laser Show on Water Screen) Life of Guru Gobind Singh
By : vasantba | Apr 4, 2017

Gandhi Ji Champaran Movement

Gandhi Ji Champaran Movement at Bihar Diwas Event, Patna - 2017 In this laser show, we showcase the Champaran Movement, which Mahatma Gandhi undertook 100 years back in 1917.  The story isRead More...
By : vasantba | Apr 2, 2017

Bodh Gaya Mutlimedia Museum

Visit of Bhutan Prime Minister to our Bodh Gaya Multimedia Museum Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum is located right next to the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya. The Museum takes visitors back 2500 years toRead More...
By : vasantba | Apr 2, 2017

Nalanda Multimedia Museum

Inauguration of Nalanda Multimedia Museum in 2008 When the modern technology mingles with the grandeur of the past, history comes alive in a new perspective. A Multimedia museum next to the splendidRead More...
By : vasantba | Apr 1, 2017

Bihar Diwas 2015

Bihar Diwas Show 2015 @ Gandhi Maidan Bihar Diwas
By : vasantba | Mar 4, 2017
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